43 Days Until Camp Begins…

Here’s the deal, 43 days until camp begins. 43 DAYS. A few of my friends are freaking out about both kids being away all summer and I am like BRING IT THE FUCK ON! Can we discuss that I am about to have 7 weeks of NO KIDS. Can you even comprehend that? I can’t. […]


Olive & Bette’s Saturday Beauty Launch!

If you have walked into Olive & Bette’s you would know it is a bright, summery store filled with trendy, fun merchandise. A great boutique that carries everything from Joie to Zara Terez to my favorite Nation tanks to Parker dresses. There is a little bit of something for everyone. Olive and Bette’s has grown […]


Lulu’s Mother’s Day Healthy Brunch Recipes

Anybody in charge of whipping together a Mother’s Day Brunch? If so, here are a few of my go to healthy recipes! Individual Egg & Spinach Bowls I love these! They are healthy, portioned and delicious!! Ingredients 8 large egg whites, (recommend free-range) 1 whole egg 1 cup baby spinach, chopped into small pieces 1/2 […]


Lulu’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Last year, after I published my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, a few people reached out to me requesting a local version.  I thought it was actually a great idea so this year I turned 2015’s guide into a Livingston, Millburn, Short Hills, Summit version. I did add a few online gifts but all in all I […]



RESISTANCE BANDS, TONING, WEIGHTS – Welcome to Bari Micro…my favorite class at Bari. No trampolines, just 55 minutes of pure toning. The class usually has a waiting list a mile long for very good reason. I approached the tribe at  Summit Bari to see if we could put together a micro class for $20 this […]


A Magnificent South Orange Colonial

Today’s feature of Hot Houses is a magnificent 7 bedroom, 5.1 bath Colonial home in the historic Montrose Section of South Orange. This beauty is located at 306 Warwick Avenue.  If you are unfamiliar with South Orange, it is a wonderful town! According to the New York Times “WHEN asked what they like best about […]

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A Tween’s Dream – Frankie’s on the Park

I always had my own style growing up. I was obsessed with fashion and began reading Seventeen, Elle, and W magazine at a very young age. So young, I can barely remember what age. Definitely around 10.  I do remember begging my mother for a subscription to every fashion magazine under the sun. Nothing would […]


Nike’s, Discontinued???

Do you obsess about things like I do? Like I will see a bracelet on some random girl, ask her where she got it and literally stalk the planet until I find it. And I mean STALK! So a month ago I saw these Nike kicks that I fell head over heels for (no pun […]


Lulu’s Skinny Passover Recipes 2015

Last year I wrote a Passover recipe blog that received such rave reviews I figured why not try one for 2015. Since I am constantly struggling to keep off the 10 lbs that so desperately do not want to leave my body, I thought I would try to make everything a tad healthier this year. […]


Are Your Camp Friends Having A Mitzvah?

Last year I wrote a post about, the Official Mitzvah Date Keeper. I know many of you read it because many of you became members. You know, the more of you who sign up the better it works. If you didn’t read it, please read now before you continue: DID YOU GET YOUR MITZVAH […]


The StartUp

I just returned last night from California and I miss it already. Between the weather, the juice bars, the restaurants, the exercise situation, the beaches and the shopping,  what is not to love. I constantly ask myself why I live in New Jersey, go through torturous winters when I could be living in warmth, maintaining […]

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It’s 3am with Amy Selling – Friday, March 13th, 2015

Leave it to me- I have to leave in 3 hours to catch a 7am flight to LA  and of course I am up. Gd forbid I could sleep until my alarm is supposed to go off. Now my day is going to be total shit. Speaking of alarms, here are my thoughts: 1. Did […]


I Dream of Cabo

I love to travel. I love it so much I have dedicated an entire portion of my blog called “Getting out of Dodge.” It houses all my trips, getaways and special events. It’s a place where you can read my fun and crazy reviews about all the places I have escaped to for a weekend, […]


50 Shades of Vomit

Worst day in the calendar year – Valentine’s Day. Why it exists is beyond me (is it an actual “holiday”?) The pressure to give a gift, send flowers, chocolate or whatever your love desires is plain ridic. I appreciate the flowers and the gifts when they are least expected, not when there is a specific […]


This is 40

Most people would tell you their best thoughts and ideas occur in the shower. For some reason mine are in the last five minutes of Soul Cycle. The wind down, the darkness, and the last song of the 45 min class takes me away to a place I try to visit often.  I am swept […]