50 Shades of Vomit

Worst day in the calendar year – Valentine’s Day. Why it exists is beyond me (is it an actual “holiday”?) The pressure to give a gift, send flowers, chocolate or whatever your love desires is plain ridic. I appreciate the flowers and the gifts when they are least expected, not when there is a specific […]


This is 40

Most people would tell you their best thoughts and ideas occur in the shower. For some reason mine are in the last five minutes of Soul Cycle. The wind down, the darkness, and the last song of the 45 min class takes me away to a place I try to visit often.  I am swept […]

living-3 (3)

A Riker Hill Beauty!

I am so excited to launch my first edition of Hot Houses. I knew when I saw this new listing in Livingston I wanted it to be the first feature I showcased. It is definitely a must see! Once you step inside this gorgeous custom home, you may not want to leave.  Located in the […]

Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House.

New Jersey Hot Houses

As a follower of my blog you probably know I am a little into everything. But one of my true passions is real estate. I am constantly browsing the MLS, the New York Times real estate section and when I am out east I read through all of the Hampton real estate magazines . Even […]

SkyZone Everett

In the Zone

Parker had been begging me since June for his birthday party to be at Sky Zone. Every day he would come home from camp and ask me if I booked the party yet and every day I would say, “No, not yet.” It wasn’t because I didn’t want to him to have it there I […]


It’s 3am with Amy Selling – Wednesday. January, 7th 2015

It’s 3:48am. I’m freezing. I think that is partly why I am up staring at the ceiling wondering why I decided to live in this weather. These are my thoughts: 1. Novartis. Every single time it snows I get a call from Novartis about the delayed opening in their office. They ring my house at […]


BEST OF 2014

Remember my Best of 2013? Well it’s that time again! This year I am adding some new topics and taking out some of the old.  I also thought this should actually be called my favorites. Because who says they are the best? Me? So I think a better title would be MY FAVORITES OF 2014! […]


Bari. No, not Barre!

When I first heard of Bari, I thought people were talking about a certain type of Barre class. Actually no. Bari is named after an indigenous tribe in Venezuela that embodies a family like community-centric culture. When you become part of Bari, you understand what I am talking about. It is a family in the truest […]

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The Affair Episode 10 – The Finale. Let’s Discuss!

First and foremost a few notes about Homeland: 1. I know I am going to hell but they really need to do something about Frannie. I can’t bear to watch..Couldn’t they have found a cuter baby? Ugh. 2. Did I mention I LOVE Quinn? 3. The world’s worst season finale, EVER. Boy, did they drop […]

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The Affair – Episode 9. Let’s Discuss!

Well holy shit. If that wasn’t a roller coaster ride, I don’t know what is. *SPOILER ALERT – DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN EPISODE 9 YET…BELIEVE ME YOU WANT TO! 1.NOAH’S HOME Surprise, Surprise – this week we open with Alison and boy did we ever! (this is only the second time this […]


The Many Facets of Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen

If you have been to Morristown and walked around, I am positive you have walked by the historic Vail Mansion. Personally, I have walked by Vail Mansion numerous times but because it is set back so far from the street I never really paid much attention to it. That is until I heard it was […]



SPOILER ALERT!! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DID NOT WATCH EPISODE 8 A note about Homeland…Quinn is my Romeo. Speaking of Romeo, it was very  interesting that The Affair opened up with Noah (from his point of view) discussing “Romeo and Juliet”, the forbidden love affair. How ironic. Noah focuses on how Romeo and […]


Time for a Daycation?

Everybody needs a vacation once and awhile to get away from all of the madness of our hectic life. Sometimes my vacations include me locking myself in the bathroom for 20 minutes with a book. Sometimes my vacations are simply my weekly 30 minute blowouts. These 20, 30, hour minute vacations are necessary for me […]


SERIAL. Are you listening?

I was out to dinner last week with a bunch of friends and we were all bullshitting. Typical Saturday night recap. How was your week? What’s new? Me asking: Have you started watching The Affair? Transparent? What book are you reading? blah blah. A friend of mine mentioned a podcast he was listening to that […]


Lulu’s Holiday Trunk Show!!!

It’s almost the holidays!!! Looking for holiday gifts, teacher gifts or just a place to find some great finds!? I know the place…Mi Casa! I found two amazing activewear lines in LA that I will be selling next week. The first one is A-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Think lululemon but softer, not sheer, less expensive and chic. Cory […]