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The Affair – Episode 9. Let’s Discuss!

Well holy shit. If that wasn’t a roller coaster ride, I don’t know what is. *SPOILER ALERT – DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN EPISODE 9 YET…BELIEVE ME YOU WANT TO! 1.NOAH’S HOME Surprise, Surprise – this week we open with Alison and boy did we ever! (this is only the second time this […]


The Many Facets of Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen

If you have been to Morristown and walked around, I am positive you have walked by the historic Vail Mansion. Personally, I have walked by Vail Mansion numerous times but because it is set back so far from the street I never really paid much attention to it. That is until I heard it was […]



SPOILER ALERT!! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DID NOT WATCH EPISODE 8 A note about Homeland…Quinn is my Romeo. Speaking of Romeo, it was very  interesting that The Affair opened up with Noah (from his point of view) discussing “Romeo and Juliet”, the forbidden love affair. How ironic. Noah focuses on how Romeo and […]


Time for a Daycation?

Everybody needs a vacation once and awhile to get away from all of the madness of our hectic life. Sometimes my vacations include me locking myself in the bathroom for 20 minutes with a book. Sometimes my vacations are simply my weekly 30 minute blowouts. These 20, 30, hour minute vacations are necessary for me […]


SERIAL. Are you listening?

I was out to dinner last week with a bunch of friends and we were all bullshitting. Typical Saturday night recap. How was your week? What’s new? Me asking: Have you started watching The Affair? Transparent? What book are you reading? blah blah. A friend of mine mentioned a podcast he was listening to that […]


Lulu’s Holiday Trunk Show!!!

It’s almost the holidays!!! Looking for holiday gifts, teacher gifts or just a place to find some great finds!? I know the place…Mi Casa! I found two amazing activewear lines in LA that I will be selling next week. The first one is A-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Think lululemon but softer, not sheer, less expensive and chic. Cory […]


Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014

One of my favorite blogs of the year I write is my holiday gift guide. I am always looking for gifts that are new, unique, and useful. I  think the worst gift is when someone buys you a gift that you know you will NEVER EVER use but you feel so bad telling them you […]


The Affair – Episode 7. Let’s Discuss!

*SPOILER ALERT – DO NOT READ  THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED EPISODE 7! A note on Homeland…I was on the edge of my seat the entire show until the last 3 minutes when we see the Taliban’s plan to take the embassy. It seems a little far-fetched  that you can use bull cutters to break into […]


The Affair – Episode 6. Let’s Discuss!

First and Foremost ** SPOILER ALERT. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED YET! Second…LET’S DISCUSS!!!! You know I love to write things in bullet points. I find it easier and also a great way when you comment to refer back to the bullet you are dishing about. 1. The show always starts […]


Jury Duty. Part 2

So I made it. (Read part one if you have no idea what I am talking about) I parked the car, grabbed my bag and walked through security. The guard told me that jury duty was upstairs. I walked the flight of stairs and turned to see over eighty people in line. My first thought […]


It’s 3am – November 15th, 2014

It is 2:48am. The house is pitch quiet. Once again I have to pee but I am scared to get out of bed because if I wake the dog all hell breaks loose. These are my thoughts: 1. I know I should not say this out loud because it is definitely going to come back […]


Jury Duty. Part 1.

The dreaded slip came in the mail two months ago. I looked at it, sighed and said, “oh fuck” out loud.  Jury Duty. You know that feeling right? Nobody wants to go. Admit it. My issue was the date they requested was the date I was leaving for Napa. I quickly sent the form back […]


The Affair – Episode 5. Let’s discuss!

I was going to discuss Homeland but truthfully, what are we going to discuss? That Carrie is fully of the rails, bringing Brody back for a mere second made me realize how much I miss him and poor Saul? Okay we discussed it. Let’s discuss The Affair because at least it’s so much more fun […]


Lulu’s Clean Eating Thanksgiving

I still can’t believe it is November. What I can’t believe even more is that is almost Thanksgiving. It just so happens Thanksgiving is the one holiday I enjoy hosting. I am not stuck with matzoh balls, gefilite fish and brisket. I can really go all out and create a healthy, delicious dinner that leaves […]


The Balance Project

A little while ago I received an email from Susie Schnall about participating in the Balance Project. I had no idea what she meant because I am FAR from balanced but after Susie explained I knew I had to take part! Susie explains her weekly project as: “The Balance Project is a series of relevant […]