It’s 3am – August 25th 2014

It’s 3:18am. I am on vacation. BUT if luck would have it somehow my dog caught kennel cough and he has been up for two nights straight, coughing. It sounds like there is a gorilla in the house. I have NO idea how my kids sleep through it. Greg brought some nifty ear plugs with […]


Concert Tee’s Revolutionized!

The first concert my parents took me to was in 1985. It was Madonna’s, “The Virgin Tour.” It was so big, the concert made the big 3 News Channels in Philly.  My favorite part of  one the news reports was the “look-a likes”. My 10-year old body is somewhere in that mix and I could […]


It’s 3am…August 16, 2014

It’s 3am. I am staring at the clock wondering why this happens to me. Greg is in Maine at father son weekend. I have this entire bed to myself and I can’t sleep. WTF. These are my thoughts 1) Zach is coming home tonight. I can’t wait. 7 weeks is long enough. I wonder if […]


Time to get Organized by Aly!

I am the most unorganized person ever. Although I can get 20,000 things done in one day and I swear, I can, it does not mean it gets done neatly or in an organized fashion. Greg, on the other hand, neat freak. He will spend half the day on Sunday cleaning out the garage and […]


If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle

Friday night I went to a party. A surprise, WHITE party. I have no idea how my friends husband pulled it off but he did. It’s one thing to have a surprise party but it’s another to have a surprise party and have the entire guest list in white. Let’s just say I borrowed about […]


It’s 3am – August 7.

It’s 3:25am. It is silent. I should be happy about this but I can’t sleep. I haven’t written in over a week which completely stresses me out. I have 300 blogs posts to write and I have been underground for a month preparing for a new addition to my blog…. On another note, these are […]


Run, Forrest, Run

Visiting Day 2014. Excited parents from all over the country traveled near and far to visit their beloved kids at camp. Some drove, some flew, some ferried, and some ran like Forrest. But everyone made it. I have decided to break Visiting Day into two posts. This post will be the one that captures many […]


The Devil wears Angelrox

I was at the beach few weeks ago and ran into my friend Randi who was wearing the coolest outfit over her bathing suit. I asked her where she got her ensemble and she began to tell me about this line called Angelrox that I never heard of before.  Remember a million years ago there […]


The BEST Camp Giveaway EVER!!

So either you had visiting day or going this weekend… I leave today! I can’t to see Zach, it has been a month. Crazy! Anyway I decided to put together this awesome giveaway so I can give you a great summary of what visiting day is 2014. Is it Private planes dropping candy from the […]


Finally, A Chic Divorce Party!!

So you’re divorced. You have written the profile, worked the JDate circuit, maybe tried Tinder for a one night stand. You’ve played the field, you know what is out there. Many of my divorced friends will say, “I just want to meet a nice, cool, NORMAL guy.” A person that doesn’t lie or post […]

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The Jews Keep on Running

On your mark, get set, Grab your beach carts, coolers, fitbits, beach chairs, blankets, tents and kicks. It is almost time for another year of “The Running of the Jews”. (if you did not read my article last year, do it now (click here to read my article from last year). It is a MUST […]

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July 4th Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Bars

I was trying to figure out what to bring to a July 4th party today. Every year I normally make cake balls which are a crowd pleaser and never a let down. This year I figured since I joined the CSA and received strawberries and rhubarb for the past three weeks I would use them […]

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The Departure of the Camp Bus

This past week has been total lunacy. Between the kids home, last-minute shopping for camp, haircuts, ortho appointments and dentist appointments it has been crazy and chaotic. And, it didn’t help I got a brand new puppy last week  that I want to kill at night. But I won’t delve into that and complain because […]


3 Days Before The Camp Bus Leaves

It is 3 days before the camp bus leaves. Unlike maybe some of you, I am not anxious, I am not downing bottles of wine or taking xanax thinking about Zach leaving me for 7 weeks. I am excited for him to go. It is an endless party of sports, swimming, hiking, eating whatever he […]


3am with Amy Selling – June 23rd

It’s 2:55am, where am I? In my car. Can you believe it? ITS 3AM AND I AM IN MY CAR!!! Why? Because I can’t bear to listen to the dog cry for one more minute. Day 7 and the dog HATES the crate. Hate is an understatement. The screaming, crying and pawing to get out […]