Fall Fest at Jeff Lake!

Pumpkin picking and Hayrides, can’t you feel it in the air? I can’t believe it’s time again… I was skimming through my emails and came across this awesome day Jeff Lake is having October 12th! I am always looking for things to do with my kids on the weekend and thought I would pass this […]

Rush Hashanah Traffic

The Morning Saga of Rosh Hashanah

Shit show. Absolute shit show yesterday morning. I should have known, right?  It’s Rosh Hashanah. It was like this in my house growing up and it has not changed one iota. Same fighting, same stress, same silence in the car on the way to temple. This year’s Rosh Hashana Sept. 24, 2014 – The Selling […]


This Year’s Healthy Rosh Hashanah at the Selling’s!

As many of you know I have started 21 Day Challenge groups which I am running in a closed Facebook group each month. You can learn more about them this week  after I finish making the youtube video but figured I would share my healthy Rosh Hashanah recipes I am recommending to the group.  I […]


It’s Time For A House Party!!

Every season I love to throw a house party… Sometimes it is hard to shop in a store and it’s nicer to shop in someone’s home. I love supporting local vendors and I thought it was about that time to have another vendor event!!! Without further ado….. PLEASE SAVE THE DATE  - SEPTEMBER 30th 9:30am-2pm […]


It’s 3am … September 13, 2014

It’s 3am, actually it’s 3:47am. Drinking all of this water makes me pee at night. Once I am up, I’m up. I wish I was one of those special people who could pee, get back in bed and wake up 3 hours later. Not a chance. Here are my thoughts…. 1. I was so touched […]


Walter, The Dog Whisperer

I didn’t want another dog. We had one. Unfortunately he only lived until 6 and passed away of cancer. It was traumatic, sad and unnerving to explain to your 4 year-old son his dog was sick and passed too soon. I fought tooth and nail for years. I kept saying that I had two kids […]


Holla For Challah

Hello, Hello! It has been a long time…Because of the delay being on vacation and all, I have A LOT to catch up on which means there will be several posts this week in your inbox. Read what you want, discard what you want. Hope everyone had a great vacation! I am pretty excited for […]


It’s 3am – August 25th 2014

It’s 3:18am. I am on vacation. BUT if luck would have it somehow my dog caught kennel cough and he has been up for two nights straight, coughing. It sounds like there is a gorilla in the house. I have NO idea how my kids sleep through it. Greg brought some nifty ear plugs with […]


Concert Tee’s Revolutionized!

The first concert my parents took me to was in 1985. It was Madonna’s, “The Virgin Tour.” It was so big, the concert made the big 3 News Channels in Philly.  My favorite part of  one the news reports was the “look-a likes”. My 10-year old body is somewhere in that mix and I could […]


It’s 3am…August 16, 2014

It’s 3am. I am staring at the clock wondering why this happens to me. Greg is in Maine at father son weekend. I have this entire bed to myself and I can’t sleep. WTF. These are my thoughts 1) Zach is coming home tonight. I can’t wait. 7 weeks is long enough. I wonder if […]


Time to get Organized by Aly!

I am the most unorganized person ever. Although I can get 20,000 things done in one day and I swear, I can, it does not mean it gets done neatly or in an organized fashion. Greg, on the other hand, neat freak. He will spend half the day on Sunday cleaning out the garage and […]


If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle

Friday night I went to a party. A surprise, WHITE party. I have no idea how my friends husband pulled it off but he did. It’s one thing to have a surprise party but it’s another to have a surprise party and have the entire guest list in white. Let’s just say I borrowed about […]


It’s 3am – August 7.

It’s 3:25am. It is silent. I should be happy about this but I can’t sleep. I haven’t written in over a week which completely stresses me out. I have 300 blogs posts to write and I have been underground for a month preparing for a new addition to my blog…. On another note, these are […]


Run, Forrest, Run

Visiting Day 2014. Excited parents from all over the country traveled near and far to visit their beloved kids at camp. Some drove, some flew, some ferried, and some ran like Forrest. But everyone made it. I have decided to break Visiting Day into two posts. This post will be the one that captures many […]


The Devil wears Angelrox

I was at the beach few weeks ago and ran into my friend Randi who was wearing the coolest outfit over her bathing suit. I asked her where she got her ensemble and she began to tell me about this line called Angelrox that I never heard of before.  Remember a million years ago there […]